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It Started with a Kiss – Print Copy


‘Lisa Heidke is the queen of the summer read…It Started with a Kiss is witty and filled with highs and lows that will keep you engaged the entire way through.’
Jodi Gibson, book Review, February 2, 2015




It Started with a Kiss  –  Friday Jones is distraught when Liam, her husband of nearly twenty years and the father of their teenage daughters, tells her their marriage is over. Still heartbroken many months later, Friday is deeply flattered when a funny, handsome man takes an interest in her. From their very first kiss, Friday finds it difficult to control her attraction for him despite numerous warning signals.
When Friday’s best friend, Rosie, discovers Friday is risking further emotional pain she convinces her to end the relationship and join a dating website. But not long after Friday dives into the world of online romance she starts taking wrong turns. Could one of her flings have become a little too obsessed with her? And has the time come to step back and take a good look at where she’s going in life?


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